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Scalloped Dinner Candle Emerald

Scalloped Dinner Candle Emerald

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This beautifully crafted scalloped dinner candle brings an elegant touch to any setting. Made with high-quality wax, it boasts a radiant emerald green colour that permeates through the entirety of the candle, rather than simply coating the surface.

It’s also not just about the vibrant hue, as the scalloped or ribbed details of the candle add an exquisite element of texture and visual appeal. As it slowly burns, it will emit a soft and calming light, enhancing the ambience of any room.

Just like its design, the quality of the candle also doesn’t disappoint. It burns slowly and evenly, allowing you to enjoy its mesmerising light for hours. Plus, since it’s made from top-notch wax, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary dripping or mess. With this candle, beauty, functionality, and longevity go hand in hand. Burn time approximately 16 hours

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