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Marseille Body Soap on a Rope Lavender

Marseille Body Soap on a Rope Lavender

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Our Soap on a Rope – Lavender Scented combines the traditions of French soap making with the commitment to sustainable practices. It brings you an unforgettable and luxuriously nourishing bathing experience, filling your surroundings with the serene aroma of blooming lavender fields.

The soap is handcrafted in France following a time-honoured Marseilles recipe. We ensure to utilise only natural essential oils that deliver not only a unique sensory experience but also amazing skin benefits. This results in a product that is exceptionally gentle on the skin, leaving it beautifully moisturised, soft, and smooth after each use.

At the core of our recipe, is the use of responsibly sourced palm oil from Indonesia. We are aware of the environmental implications related to the sourcing of palm oil, and so, we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure it’s done responsibly.

Our palm oil comes from plantations certified under the stringent Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) standards. This not only means it’s of high quality but also it’s sustainability assured. Our soap offers a unique combination of environmental consciousness and traditional French sophistication.
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