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Little Dream Terrarium

Little Dream Terrarium

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A magical garden in miniature form to fall in love with – that’s the Little Dream Terrarium for you. Handmade by Niwa Design at their Parisian workshop, it’s like a dainty work of art in itself. Space saving and low maintenance, everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature in its purest form.

Introducing Your Plant Family:

Ficus Ginseng Bonsai – Unique tropical plant with narrow elevated roots and cute pot belly trunk.

Fittonia (various colours) – Sweet evergreen perennial with delicate deep veined leaves.

Medallions of Moss– Helping to regulate moisture levels and keep your eco-system healthy.

Nurturing Your Plant Family:

Keep a lid on it – Closed Terrariums create their own eco-system. Magic!

Light - Essential for good maintenance of the ecosystem – place in a bright room but avoid direct sunlight.

Watering - Once or Twice a year but let yourself be guided by the mosses.

Size: (Height) x (Diameter) 38 x 23cm

N.B. The Terrariums are not available for home delivery, store collection only.

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