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Rustic Scalloped Pillar Candle Dusky Pink 70x75mm

Rustic Scalloped Pillar Candle Dusky Pink 70x75mm

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his beautifully designed scalloped dusky pink pillar candle provides an elegant and sophisticated touch to any room. The delicate shade of pink is extremely alluring, giving your room a calm, relaxed and chic vibe.

The rustic finish on this candle further enhances its overall appearance, creating an enticing fusion of modern style and old-world charm. The rustic look of the candle has a warm, homely appeal that perfectly complements any decor style – be it modern, traditional, or something in between.

Another feature of this candle is its through colour design. Unlike some candles that are just surface-dyed, the colour of this candle is consistent throughout, right down to its core. This ensures that the attractive dusky pink shade remains the same even when the candle is burned down significantly. Burn time approximately 33 hours


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