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Little O' Terrarium

Little O' Terrarium

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Everyone has room in their hearts for this cute oval shaped garden of delight from Niwa Design. Showcasing nature in its purest form, this lovely Terrarium requires little space or maintenance and is a joy to own.

Introducing Your Plant Family:

Fittonia (various colours) – Sweet evergreen perennial with delicate deep veins.

Medallions of Moss– Helping to regulate moisture levels and keep your eco-system healthy.

Nurturing Your Plant Family:

Keep a lid on it – Closed Terrariums create their own eco-system. Magic!

Watering - Once or Twice a year but let yourself be guided by the mosses.

Light - Essential for good maintenance of the ecosystem – place in a bright room but avoid direct sunlight. You are their sunglasses!

Size: (Height) x (Diameter) 15cm x 10cm  

N.B. The Terrariums are not available for home delivery, store collection only.

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